Want to join a going places group?

We are always looking to hear from like-minded aviators who are potential future members. We are a long-established and friendly group of professional people who regularly fly throughout Europe.

G-RAMS was for most of us a step up from what we flew before, so we understand that new members will often require converting to the type, maybe with some trepidation, and perhaps touring or 'going foreign' for the first time. We can provide you with a group buddy, instructor assistance, plus we can be flexible in how you become a member. If you are a PPL/IR or professional pilot G-RAMS is sophisticated enough to give you safe and comfortable airways access with the economy of a reliable single.

Our ideal partner would be:

1. Mature and responsible

2. Keen to go longer distances

3. 100 hours Pilot-in-Command experience

4. IMC or IR rating

We are prepared to look at helping you meet these ideals.

The aircraft

G-RAMS is an immaculately maintained six-seat retractable tourer with plenty of space and load carrying capacity. It has a sophisticated autopilot and recently upgraded comprehensive IFR avionics.

The aircraft is kept in heated hangars at Retford Gamston (EGNE), which is a small business airport with hard runways, VOR/DME, fuel bowser, and push-trucks. You don't handle or refuel the aircraft; it's done for you. There is a tower, a passenger lounge with kitchen, and a restaurant. We have a resident instructor who deals with conversions and renewals. Customs and special branch can also be arranged.

Availability is very good and booking is via a Web site, with email notification of the bookings of others. You can take the aircraft away on holiday etc. and there are no hard rules other than 'be reasonable'.

Technical details: 1981 Piper Saratoga (PA32R), 300hp Lycoming IO540, three-blade constant-speed prop, normal 65% cruise gives 132kts IAS /150kts TAS. 2 comm, 2 nav inc RNAV, HSI, RMI, ADF, Mode S +standby Mode C, Garmin 530 plus slaved KMD150 topo map, KFC 200 autopilot, EDM700 engine monitor.


The group is a mixture of owners and non-owners. New members are encouraged to join as a non-owner and thus have no capital outlay and no share to sell if the aircraft or group proves not to be right for you or vice-versa. You pay a group-joining fee, which varies according to recent capital costs, plus a 1,000 returnable security deposit. We share all the maintenance costs (normally between 8 members). Non-owners pay 60 per tacho hour dry. Fuel burn is around 52 ltrs of 100LL per hour so you can budget an hourly cost 'wet' of around 130.

If you are interested, please contact Andrew Murfin for an initial discussion:

Mobile: 01773 857097